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In Pursuit of the Traveling Salesman by William Cook

Recently read an interesting book on the traveling salesman problem.  I initially expected the book to be aimed at a more general audience and have the depth of a typical popular science book, but the topics were much more technical.  … Continue reading

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Evernote as a Research Notebook

In a previous post, I listed three pieces of advice that would have helped me write a better thesis.  The most important was to write up the results and setup of all experiments.  With a paper research notebook, this can … Continue reading

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A PhD is not Enough: A Guide to Survival in Science by Peter J. Feibelman

As a recent graduate, I am worried about the transition from student to scientist.  Peter J. Feibelman’s book is a quick, entertaining read offering advice on just this subject.  His background differs from mine—physics as opposed to computer science—but I … Continue reading

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Passport and Visa Issues in Beijing

I cannot guarantee my experiences reflect true policy, but hopefully it provides some idea how these processes work.  Also, this information is likely specific to US citizens visiting Beijing.  Whether it applies to other citizens and other parts of China, … Continue reading

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Interesting Papers from Interspeech 2012

Interspeech was in Portland this year.  Compared to other conferences I have attended in the last few years, it was practically in my backyard—as long as you ignore the fact I was supposed to be in Paris. I’ve included a … Continue reading

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