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Pale Blue Dot

I am still thinking about the Astronomy lectures I have listened to over the past year.  The above image of the pale blue dot has stayed with me; that faint blue dot in the yellow streak is the Earth. When … Continue reading

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HTK Pronunciation Dictionary Error

The Hidden Markov Model Toolkit (HTK) is a great resource, but the errors produced can be cryptic at times.  Recently I was stumped with an interesting one. ERROR [+8050] ReadDict: Probability malformed nang Basically I had a dictionary entry whose … Continue reading

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An Audio Course in Astronomy

During my final year year at The Ohio State University, I lived about two miles from my office and walked to campus nearly everyday. While I enjoyed the daily walks, I also wanted to make good use of the time. … Continue reading

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11 Things I Learned Traveling in South East Asia

Recently took a trip through South East Asia.  I typically like to spend more than a few days in any city/country I travel to, but I didn’t know much about these countries.  I assumed it would be better to briefly … Continue reading

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Deception and Distance

I came across this line of research several years ago when I was working on a related issue.  A recent post on Yangqiao Lu’s (my wife’s) blog brought it to mind again.  She described a device called the “interrotron” that … Continue reading

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