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Install Software without Root Access in a Roaming Home Directory

A common setup in the research labs I have seen is to give a roaming home directory to every user. Each user may have access to hundreds of individual machines, but their home directory follows them everywhere. In many ways … Continue reading

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Converting a set of Strings to a Finite State Automata

This is a follow up to my post about converting a language model to a finite state transducer. Someone asked about the other necessary scripts for the task I was working on, so I am adding a short post describing … Continue reading

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The Risk from Consecutive Independent Events is not Additive

In a discussion about risks from medical procedures, I heard someone make the following statement, “If there is a 1% chance of an adverse reaction from the procedure, that means if the procedure is done 100 times, an adverse reaction … Continue reading

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Converting a Language Model to a Finite State Transducer

I like the OpenFST toolkit. By converting different types of models into finite state machines (FSM), many algorithms within the toolkit can easily be applied. For instance, I was recently presented with the problem of segmenting a sequence of characters … Continue reading

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