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The 2014 Workshop on Spoken Language Technology for Under-Resourced Languages (SLTU)

Recently attended the SLTU workshop in St. Petersburg Russia. I presented my first paper on keyword spotting. As is obvious from the name, the focus was on under-resourced languages. The workshop was spread over 2.5 days and every paper was … Continue reading

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Research Papers and Presentations are not Mystery Novels

When I write papers or give talks, I struggle with the urge to organize the presentation in the order the work was performed. Unfortunately, this usually leaves the audience frustrated and confused. I remember one time in particular, I gave … Continue reading

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Research Produces Researchers

The role of the government in scientific research is commonly debated. Should tax money go towards the funding of scientific research? To be honest, I never really put much thought into it; I just assumed it was a good idea … Continue reading

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A Direct Masking Approach to Robust ASR

This article that I wrote with Arun Narayanan, Eric Fosler-Lussier, and DeLiang Wang has just been published in the IEEE Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing. The official version can be found on the IEEE website, but there is … Continue reading

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Two Years in Peer Review

After working its way through the peer review process for a little over two years, I just submitted the final proof for a journal article. This has been my most complete experience with the peer review process. While I have … Continue reading

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Lesson in Arrogance

I just missed the submission deadline for a major conference in my field. I was targeting this conference and I consider not submitting to be a major failure. However, this has taught me an important lesson. Several months ago I … Continue reading

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Citing Older Empirical Literature

When working on a problem, I like to read some of the older literature commonly cited in more recent articles.  Often I am underwhelmed by the evidence presented in these older papers.  This is not an attack on the quality … Continue reading

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